Increasing Connectivity with the Snoqualmie River

A resilient Snoqualmie River for all means more active management of the Upper Valley. A responsible planning approach is needed to respond to the constantly changing river environment.

The Snoqualmie Tribe’s relationship with the river valley is a generational commitment that has existed since time immemorial. The Tribe is recommending actions to increase access to a clean river for all.

The Snoqualmie Tribe is studying the river ecology and landscape processes in the Upper Snoqualmie Corridor and developed a plan to share how conditions are expected to change in a warming climate. The Upper Snoqualmie Resilient River Corridor Management Plan is now available detailing the existing conditions, climate change projections, and 22 actions to increase the connectivity of the river.

The plan will serve as a knowledge source and discussion tool to support a richer cultural relationship with the Upper Snoqualmie River and promote a collective understanding of a resilient river for all.


Walking Tour of the Snoqualmie River

Take a look at the 22 actions recommended by the Snoqualmie Tribe, and we invite you to visit the river! We invite community members to use this walking tour guide and walk along the study area of the resilient river corridor management plan, enjoy the views, and learn more about the actions in the plan recommended by the Snoqualmie Tribe.