Dear Snoqualmie Tribal Members,

The Tribal Council is pleased to introduce two new tax-free programs for Snoqualmie Tribal Members under the General Welfare Plan. The Tribal Council has been working diligently to create Major Home Repair Assistance and General Welfare Child Care Assistance since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines were released regarding Tribal General Welfare.

The Tribal Council strives to support Tribal families with these new Programs, which affirms the Tribe’s inherent sovereign right to promote the general welfare of the Tribal Membership. Through these programs, the Tribal Council aims to ensure that no Snoqualmie Tribal Member is without basic fundamental necessities of life.

Extensive due diligence was very important in the process of creating these programs; the Tribal Council has ensured that the Tribe can financially support these new programs.

The Major Home Repair Assistance Program and General Welfare Child Care Assistance Program are services we proudly offer on behalf of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s inherent sovereign right to promote the general welfare of our members.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Housing Department for Major Home Repair Assistance,, or the Child Care Program for General Welfare Child Care Assistance,, Audrey Castleberry ext. 6221 or Bessie MedicineBird ext. 6234. Attached you will find additional information regarding both of these programs.

Again, we are very excited to share this important news with you. We strongly believe that no member of our Tribe should ever struggle to keep up with the basic costs of living, and we are honored to serve on your behalf to make this important benefit a reality.

Snoqualmie Tribal Council