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Applications for benefits from new members can only be accepted once the enrollment process is complete and you have received your official notice of enrollment. Prior to this you will not appear on the service list as eligible to receive benefits.

Traditional Cultural & Recreation (TCR)

The Tribe’s Traditional Cultural and Recreation (TCR) Program covers a variety of benefits and services for Tribal Members.

Traditional Cultural Recreation (TCR) (Updated 10/1/2023)

For Fiscal Year 2024, the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe provides $1,500 USD per fiscal year to eligible Tribal Members and enrolled Snoqualmie minors to be used towards approved TCR expenses. The TCR benefit is  recognized as a cumulative “family” benefit to be accessed by application at the request of the Tribal Member parent in the household. Maximum benefit amount will be that of the adult Tribal Member and all service eligible minors in their household combined. New* For households in which the enrolled Snoqualmie Minor is under the care of a non-tribal parent or court appointed guardian,  the benefit is a standalone $1500 per enrolled child to be used on expenses solely for the enrolled child (items must be age and size appropriate) for these households there is no combining of benefits even if multiple eligible minors are present.

 Item Eligibility: The Program does not pay for items not included on the eligible for TCR list.

Limits on distribution:

  1. In the event the minor(s) live in a household more than 50% of the time, the custodial parent/or court order guardian has discretion for cumulative benefit usage for the eligible minors in their care.
  2. Family membership or similar family expenses with will reviewed for eligibility based on the eligibility list below and will not require fee deductions for a non-Tribal spouse.
  3. Limits will not be placed on the quantity of identical or similar items being purchased unless the request appears lavish or extravagant.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Tribal Member to ensure items being requested are age appropriate for the recipients/participants.


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Suite Ticket Information for Sporting and Concert Events

The Snoqualmie Tribe operates suites at Lumen Field and Climate Pledge Arena for sporting and other events. Eligible Tribal Members can periodically submit for a chance to receive tickets to attend events in the suites.


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Tribal Elder Parking Permit at Snoqualmie Casino

This form is for Enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Elders to request a parking permit at the Snoqualmie Casino.

Parking Passes for Snoqualmie Falls and State Parks

Enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Members can request Snoqualmie Falls (PSE) parking passes and Washington State Discover Passes. Note that these passes do not expire. The intent is for Tribal Members to keep their pass for their lifetime, Passes are not to be transferred, sold, or bartered.

One replacement pass is allowed. If you are requesting a replacement a staff member will follow up with you to confirm your eligibility.



Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes

A Federal Migratory Bird Eagle Parts and Feathers Request Form to the US Fish & Wildlife Service will authorize Native Americans to used eagle parts and feathers for religious and cultural purposes, including healing, marriage, and naming ceremonies.


2024 Canoe Journey Transportation and Lodging Assistance

The Canoe Journey Benefit was developed to encourage participation of Tribal Members and their families in the Annual Canoe Journey. This benefit is a seasonal benefit that is approved and administered yearly per Snoqualmie Tribal Council approval.

To learn more about the Snoqualmie Tribe’s participation in 2024 Canoe Journey Power Paddle to Puyallup: Youth Canoe Journey, please visit the Canoe Journey Information page on the Culture Department’s website.


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