STALM Data Collection Setup Guide

You can support the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement (STALM) by collecting observations while out hiking and recreating.  You can fill out a user survey on your mobile device using ArcGIS’s Survey123 app.

1 – Download the Application:

Download on the Apple Store
Get it on Google Play


2 – Download the survey:
Follow this link on your mobile device


or scan the QR code

Allow your phone to open the link with Survey123.

On the Survey123 home screen click “continue without signing in” at the bottom.

If you are prompted for permission for the Survey123 app to access your location and/or files.  These are necessary for the app to record your GPS location when you collect a survey so we know where the observation is located and so you can upload a photo of the observation.

You are now ready to collect and submit data!


If you cannot download the survey for some reason please try this alternate way of downloading the survey.

After installing the Survey123 app, open the app and tap “Continue without signing in”

Then tap the QR code icon in the search bar

And scan this QR code

This will download the survey and you should be able to continue with collecting observations.

Data Collection/Survey123 Guide

Survey123 is a industry standard GIS data collection tool.  It allows you to collect and observation including a location and a photo and submit that to the Snoqualmie Tribe.  The app allows you to collect data without a data connection and then submit your observations when you are back in range on a cell or WiFi network.


Intro to Survey123

When you open the Survey123 app, skip the sign-in page by tapping “continue without signing in”

Now you will see the Survey123 Home screen that lists all the surveys that you have downloaded on your device.  If you see a number in the upper right of the survey tile, this is the number of observations in the outbox that have not yet been submitted.

Tap the survey tile to open it. On this page you can choose to “Collect” new data or submit data that you have collected in the “Outbox”.


Collecting Data

To collect new data tap “Collect”.  The survey will collect a location, photo, observation type and any additional comments.  Your location is automatically read from your device’s GPS.  If the GPS is incorrect and you want to refine your location tap on the map and pan to place the marker where it should be.  Take a photo and select and observation type.  once you have finished entering your observation tap the check mark in the lower right corner.  Now you can choose whether to send the data immediately or save it in the outbox to save later.  If you have a strong signal you can send the data right away.  Because cell signal isn’t reliable in hiking areas we recommend saving your observations in the outbox and submitting the data when you get to a location with a reliable data connection.


Offline Data Collection/Outbox

Survey123 will allow you to collect data without a data connection and submit you observations later.  There will be no map to use to refine your location, but the survey will still record your GPS location.  Just save the observations in the Outbox.

To submit the records stored in the Outbox, tap the outbox button on the Survey screen and then tap submit in the lower right corner.