Chairwoman Sunny Clear, Lois Sweet Dorman & Wes Willoughby Elected to Serve

Snoqualmie, WA – Enrolled members of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe held elections at their Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 13th 2017. Members voted for candidates to serve in the Tribal Chair and Tribal Council Alternate positions.

Sunny Clear will be returning to Council to serve as Tribal Chairwoman after having served as a Tribal Council Member from 2012 to 2016. Lois Sweet Dorman and Wes Willoughby will also be returning to serve as Tribal Council Alternates.

On Thursday, May 18th the Tribal Council elected their Council Officers. Jolene Williams will be serving as Vice Chairwoman while Alisa Burley will continue serving as Tribal Secretary and Suzanne Sailto will serve as Tribal Treasurer. Steve de los Angeles will continue to serve as Deputy Secretary.

In the same meeting, the Tribal Council appointed Lois Sweet Dorman to fill a vacant seat on Council until the next Annual General Council meeting in May of 2018.

“We are excited to start working with the new council members to continue advancing projects that benefit the Snoqualmie people and the local community,” said Tribal Council member Danniel Willoughby.

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe is a federally recognized tribe in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. Known as the People of the Moon, Snoqualmie tribal members were signatories to the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855. The Tribe owns and operates the Snoqualmie Casino and the Crescent Market at Snoqualmie, which is set to open this June.