The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe released their 2016-2017 Annual Report to Tribal Members at the Tribe’s annual meeting on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

This report tells the story of work that has been accomplished by the Tribe in various key focus areas over the last year.

These stories are organized by topic:

  • Sovereignty– Projects and accomplishments the Tribe has worked on to exercise their sovereign rights as a federally recognized Indian tribe.
  • Culture– Work the Tribe has performed to preserve and teach their native culture
  • Service to Tribal Members– Benefits and assistance provided to Snoqualmie Tribal Members
  • Building Relationships– Efforts undertaken by the Tribe to forge partnerships with other tribes, governments, and community organizations
  • Tribal Member Development– Recognition of important accomplishments by Tribal Members

The report also contains a message from Tribal Council and an overview of the departments and enterprises that serve the Tribe.

Download the electronic version of this report in PDF format