The Snoqualmie Tribe said it would donate $275,000 to the relief effort for Saturday’s devastating landslide.

During a press briefing Friday, tribe officials handed $50,000 checks to the Darrington, Arlington and Oso fire departments.

The tribe also will be giving $50,000 to the Red Cross, $50,000 Cascade Valley Relief Foundation, and $25,000 to K-9 efforts, said Councilwoman Sharon Frelinger.

Officials decided to donate the money after tribe members working in the debris field detailed the bleak state facing those searching through the mile-wide field of mud and rubble, said Bob DeLosAngeles, vice chair for Snoqualmie Tribe.

Tribe officials said they feel a close kinship to those who live in the rural mountain community and wanted to do everything they could to help.

Officials throughout the week have said the best way for people to assist in the relief effort was through monetary donations.

“I believe there will be more to come. We know this is a long-term project. This will not be done in a week,” Frelinger said. “We are part of this community.”

Firefighters welcomed the much-needed funds and said the cash will help them replace missing equipment lost in the field.