The following Tribal Members will receive tickets for the November 21st and December 5th games. Tribal Members will receive 2 tickets for a regular season game.

Please remember that the Seahawks are using digital tickets at this time. An e-mail address is required to receive tickets and a smart phone is needed on game day to display your tickets when entering.

Note that fans will be required to show proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or present a negative test within 72 hours of a home game. Following state and local guidelines, they are also requiring fans to wear masks while attending games. The mandates apply to all attendees age 12 and over.

November 21 – Seahawks v. Cardinals

Christopher Castleberry
Alisa Burley
DeeDee Burnell
Bobby Dominguez
Barbara Holloway
Autumn Liner-Sanders
Carolyn Lubenau
Debra Mathis
Tyrone McCullough
Jennifer Ransome
Jennifer Repin
James Wolfer
Nicole Heming
Torin Hinzman
Jeffery Pelletier II
Donald Sotelo
Kanium Ventura
Jennifer Wyatt

December 5 – Seahawks v. 49ers

Suzanne Sailto
Ginger de los Angeles
Catherine Fackrell
Josh Fackrell
Terran Hightower
Amber Holloway
Toni Johnson
Wynne Lee Kirschner
Willamae Losey
Ashley MacDonald
Lonzell Maddock
Staci Moses
Robert Sanders
Cody Schmale
Olivia Ventura
Thomas Zackuse
Percy Phillips
Sandy Mattingly