Snoqualmie Tribe staff will install the floating treatment wetland (FTW) during the 2023-2024 Pacific Northwest planting season (October 2023-March 2024). Plants will be selected by the Project Manager and the Native Plant Specialist, with input from the FTW contractor/manufacturer, local nurseries, and the Snoqualmie Tribe Culture Department. Plant species will include native aquatic and emergent wetland species, including grasses, rushes, sedges, and a few small woody shrubs and/or herbaceous plants.

The Snoqualmie Tribe will contract with the selected applicant (“Contractor”) to work with the Project Manager to design the floating treatment wetland to fit the shape and function of the stormwater pond at the Snoqualmie Casino (see Figure 1). Designs can include other additions to improve water quality such as an aeration attachment. Plant material for the FTW will be purchased separately and not fall under Contractor obligations. After designs are approved, the materials for installing the floating treatment wetland will be shipped to Snoqualmie Tribe’s administrative offices. Snoqualmie Tribe staff, tribal members, and community volunteers will plant the raft units and install any wildlife fencing or other additions to the FTW. After the raft has been planted, assembled, installed, and anchored, the Contractor will make a visual inspection of the FTW at the stormwater pond to determine that it was assembled correctly and provide any remaining quality control measures at that time. The Contractor will remain available leading up to and after the installation to answer questions about the installation process and provide maintenance guidelines to the Project Manager.

Please submit an electronic version of the respondent’s proposal (a single PDF file is strongly preferred) no later than 5pm Pacific Standard Time March 17, 2023 to:

Kelsey Payne
Environmental and Natural Resources Department
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

Late responses will not be accepted or considered.

Kelsey Payne will serve as the sole contact for the review process for the respondent’s proposal. Any and all questions and communications regarding this RFP should be addressed to Mrs. Payne through email at the above address. Any attempt to communicate with other Tribal officials or employees about this RFP may result in the disqualification of a respondent’s proposal.

Download the full 2023 Snoqualmie Tribe Floating Treatment Wetland RFP