In support of its mission, ENR has identified a need to better understand contaminants in fish and people of the Snoqualmie basin. To accomplish this, ENR seeks a qualified contractor to conduct an Assessment in the Snoqualmie watershed focused on the Snoqualmie Mill Site/Borst Lake reach (a historical oxbow and a “rank 1” MTCA Clean Up Site), to better understand how variations in precipitation, surface, and groundwater flows may transfer contamination from the Mill Site to the Snoqualmie River, Snoqualmie River fish, and Tribal members.

We expect the Assessment to help answer these questions:

  1. Do fish and/or other biota in the Snoqualmie River carry a contaminant load, and if so, at what levels?
  2. Is there evidence of possible linkage of those contaminants in biota to the Snoqualmie Mill Site?
  3. Are contaminated fish being consumed by Tribal members or others, with negative health effects?
  4. Is climate change expected to affect possible migration of contaminants from the Snoqualmie Mill Site into biota?

Please submit an electronic version of the respondent’s proposal (a single PDF file is strongly preferred) no later than 5pm Pacific Standard Time 30 days from the release of this RFP (June 28th, 2024) to:

Brenda Campbell, Climate Program Manager
Environmental and Natural Resources Department
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

Late responses will not be accepted or considered.

Download the full RFP here (PDF)