The purpose of this RFP is to solicit statements of qualifications and proposals from qualified Design and Architectural Firms (Firm) interested in providing the Tribe with design and architectural services for a child care facility.

Location of proposed Child Development Center: 9575 Ethan Wade Way SE Snoqualmie WA 98065. This land is located near the Tribe’s Reservation, and is owned in fee by the Tribe. State laws and local permitting requirements apply.

The Tribe does not intent to do any major construction for this proposal. There will be no major structural changes to the roof, foundation, load bearing walls, or established floor plan of the existing building. The proposed area is currently being utilized for government administrative offices inclusive of offices, reception, conference room, supply storage, non-operational cafeteria, cultural language and crafting classroom.

The Tribe is requesting renovations to the cafeteria and commercial kitchen space to meet licensing requirements. The Tribe intends to keep the front half of the building comparably the same functioning as administrative offices, lobby, reception, break room, restrooms, and two classrooms with renovations to existing layout, fixtures, paint, and adult bathrooms in classrooms compliant to age and ADA requirements. The back section of the proposed space is currently seven storage units that will be renovated into three classrooms; this will require the removal non-load bearing walls and renovation of existing adult restrooms into ones that are child friendly.

The Tribe’s proposal does require the installation of two non-load bearing walls/doors to separate the Child Development Center’s space from that of Tribe’s Health and Wellness Department workspace. Finally, the Tribe is looking to install a playground that meets all safety codes and is age compliant, appropriate safety equipment and fencing at the back exit of the center in an existing courtyard with open grass area.

Download the full RFP in PDF format here: RFP-Sno-Tribe-Child-Development-Center-Architectual-Firm

Submission of Proposals

Please remit an electronic version of the consultant’s proposal no later than 5PM Pacific Standard Time on November 12, 2021 to:

Audrey Castleberry
General Resources Department
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe
PO Box 969 Snoqualmie WA 98065

Audrey Castleberry will serve as the primary contact for the review process for the Firm’s proposal. Any questions regarding this RFP should be addressed to Audrey Castleberry through email at the above address.