Story of the Moon

The following is an abbreviated form of the story of Moon the Transformer as recorded by Arthur C. Ballard told to him by Snoqualmie Charlie. 

There were to sisters from tultxʷ. (Tolt) They decided to go to baʔqʷab (the City of Snoqualmie) to dig fern roots. When they were done, they decided to sleep there for the night. That night the two sisters were looking up into the sky. They looked at the stars and wished they could marry one. While sleeping that night they were taken to land of the Sky People.

When they woke up they saw that they were married to the two stars they had been looking at. They lived there for a long time. Every day the men went out to hunt and the sisters stayed and dug up fern roots. One day the older sister became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named słukʷalb.

After a while the sisters missed their home and family. One day while digging for roots, they realized if they dug far enough they could see the world below. They decided they could go home this way. One sister would dig while the other would watch baby moon and weave a cedar rope. After fifteen days the rope reached the top of qʷalbc (Mount Si).


They climbed down to the earth. All of this time their family had missed them and had sent the Bird People to try and find the sisters. Everyone was happy that the two sisters had returned and were surprised to see słukʷalb. To celebrate the sisters made their ladder into a swing. Everyone had sport on it by swinging from qʷalbc to dx̌aclbac (Rattlesnake Ridge).

While all of their family was celebrating, Dog Salmon came and stole the baby. Everyone tried to find him but it was Bluejay who was able to find słukʷalb, who was now grown up and had children of his own. He told Bluejay he would come home when his children were grown.


When słukʷalb returned He had a special power. He was now dukʷibeł. dukʷibeł changed everything into what it is today. When he came to the great fish near where he had been stolen as a baby, he turned it into Snoqualmie Falls. From here Moon the Transformer created the various people and all the rivers as they are now. He placed all of the fish in the rivers and made the wild game good to eat.


Photo by Steve de los Angeles