Sincerest thanks to all Snoqualmie Tribal members who helped design and install a landscaping project at the new Administration Building. Because of delays, the project needed to be completed in just one week. The entire ENR staff either pitched in to work on the project or took on extra work so that others could be out of the office to work on the project. Other Tribal staff came out to help including Andrew Deusen, Nicole Harris, Chehalis Sweet Dorman, Bob de los Angeles, Steve de los Angeles, Jake Repin, Richard Sikkenga, and Jerry Lamb.

The design and planning work was led by the Tribe’s Restoration Program Manager David Steiner who created river garden and forested woodland themes. Included in the landscape are all-native plants, rotted logs used as forest habitat features, and a rock river intended to symbolize the Snoqualmie River and the Snoqualmie Falls.

An additional component to the project is a medicinal garden. ENR staff, with assistance from Julie Erickson & Dr. Terry Maresca, moved plants for the Tolt Clinic medicinal garden to a special location in the front of the new Administration Building to continue the medicinal garden that was orginally created by Miss Elsie (Elsie Erickson) and Dr. Maresca. The Tribe dedicated the garden to Dr. Maresca and Miss Elsie with an etched rock placed along the pathway leading to the medicinal garden. Plant species relocated for the medicinal garden include Camas, Sweetgrass, Wild Ginger, Devils Club, Beach Strawberry, and Evergreen Huckleberry.

e all-native landscaping project consisted of 58 different native plant species from the Puget Sound region. Included in the plantings are 9 separate tree species, 23 flowering fruit-bearing shrubs and groundcover, and 26 herbaceous perennial species including 3 types of native fern. Three large cedar trees were included in the landscape were donated by the Casino (two Western Red Cedar and one Alaskan Yellow Cedar).

ENR Field Staff are now beginning work on the lower rain garden and the back rain garden areas of the project. Mulching and planting will continue for the next several weeks.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help! We couldn’t have done it without you!