The following Tribal Members will receive tickets to Kraken games at Climate Pledge Arena in October and November.

Ticket recipients will receive email links to their tickets by the evening off Friday, October 22, 2021. Ticket recipients should review the “Plan Your Visit” flyer to understand how to claim their tickets, how to sign up for the digital vaccine passport (required), and how to access the parking lot for game day.

Please read:

First NameLast NameGame Selection
CodyDeane26-Oct MTL 7PM
JasonSmalley26-Oct MTL 7PM
KatinaMullen26-Oct MTL 7PM
ShaunaShipp-Martinez26-Oct MTL 7PM
DaunaRogers28-Oct MIN 7PM
DonaldWatters28-Oct MIN 7PM
MichaelRoss28-Oct MIN 7PM
VyondaBlank28-Oct MIN 7PM
AngelaYoung31-Oct NYR 6PM
JerryPhillips31-Oct NYR 6PM
MarkEddy31-Oct NYR 6PM
SerenaBarber31-Oct NYR 6PM
ErikMartinez4-Nov BUF
ShaunPelletier4-Nov BUF
TerranHightower4-Nov BUF
TroyWyatt4-Nov BUF
BobbyDominguez11-Nov ANA 7PM
JohnathanBarker11-Nov ANA 7PM
RobertCastleberry11-Nov ANA 7PM
AmberHolloway13-Nov MIN 7PM
AshleyMacDonald13-Nov MIN 7PM
BarbaraHolloway13-Nov MIN 7PM
WindyEpps13-Nov MIN 7PM
AngelaWymer17-Nov CHI 7PM
JenniferChapman17-Nov CHI 7PM
JulieErickson17-Nov CHI 7PM
PercyPhillips17-Nov CHI 7PM
AronDe Los Angeles19-Nov COL 7PM
AutumnLiner-Sanders19-Nov COL 7PM
JamesWolfer19-Nov COL 7PM
JordanVentura19-Nov COL 7PM
EricCarlson21-Nov WSH 6PM
KaniumVentura21-Nov WSH 6PM
LisaRoy21-Nov WSH 6PM
RobertSanders21-Nov WSH 6PM
ClaytonBurley24-Nov CAR 7PM
ElisaSlowey24-Nov CAR 7PM