The following Tribal Members will receive tickets to Kraken games at Climate Pledge Arena in December and January.

Ticket recipients will receive email links to their tickets one week prior to the game date. If you are unable to attend your game please email at your earliest convenience.

Ticket recipients should review the “Plan Your Visit” flyer to understand how to claim their tickets, how to sign up for the digital vaccine passport (required), and how to access the parking lot for game day.

Please read:

FirstLastGame Date
Robbiede los Angeles3-Dec EDM 7PM
ChristineJacobs3-Dec EDM 7PM
MarcusEnick3-Dec EDM 7PM
SteveDe Los Angeles6-Dec PIT 7PM
DawnWyatt6-Dec PIT 7PM
JeremySanders6-Dec PIT 7PM
RobertFinkbonner19-Dec TOR 6PM
LisaCarter19-Dec TOR 6PM
Andrew “Doug”de los Angeles19-Dec TOR 6PM
KathrynWentland19-Dec TOR 6PM
JenniferWyatt29-Dec PHI 7PM
JenniferRepin29-Dec PHI 7PM
JoshGabel1-Jan VAN 7PM
NicoleHarris1-Jan VAN 7PM
BriannaMartinez1-Jan VAN 7PM
MichelleMathis1-Jan VAN 7PM
Robbiede los Angeles6-Jan OTT 7PM
BobbyDominguez6-Jan OTT 7PM
CaroleeTranilla15-Jan LAK 7PM
DanielleMason15-Jan LAK 7PM
ChristopherCastleberry15-Jan LAK 7PM
RobertCastleberry Jr.15-Jan LAK 7PM
BriannaBarber17-Jan CHI 2PM
TakakoWright17-Jan CHI 2PM
EarnestBarr17-Jan CHI 2PM
NicoleHeming17-Jan CHI 2PM
JohnathanStandridge20-Jan SJS 7PM
SteveDe Los Angeles20-Jan SJS 7PM
JohnathanBarker20-Jan SJS 7PM
TevinDonyes23-Jan FLA 6PM