The Snoqualmie Tribe Governmental Affairs & Special Projects team is thrilled to announce the release of the Executive Order 21-02 Training Module, a vital document that marks a significant stride in our ongoing journey of collaboration and understanding. This tool encompasses a comprehensive training module, rich with foundational knowledge that is crucial for the preservation of our tribal heritage.


About 21-02: This training module was created in response to the implementation of Executive Order 21-02. Executive Order 21-02 Archaeological and Cultural Resources, underscores the responsibility of state agencies, including the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) and the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs (GOIA). The order emphasizes the importance of public awareness in safeguarding tribal heritage sites, recognizing the scarcity and profound significance of our cultural resources. These resources, encompassing lands, waterways, and sacred places, are integral to our heritage and demand our collective stewardship. Executive Order 21-02 expands upon its predecessor (EO 05-05) by imposing stringent requirements on agencies involved in capital construction projects and land acquisitions, extending these obligations to non-profits benefiting from State funds.


Why a Training Module: EO 21-02 made Tribal consultation relevant to many more organizations and groups, most of which had no prior experience working with tribes. This Guide serves as an essential tool for state agencies and organizations utilizing state funds within the Snoqualmie Tribe’s ancestral lands. Its purpose is to foster a deeper understanding of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s sovereign consultation standards, ensuring compliance with the Executive Order. While this Guide is tailored specifically for consultations with the Snoqualmie Tribe, it also offers valuable insights for initiating consultations with other tribes. However, it is important to recognize that each tribe is a sovereign entity, and consultation processes may differ significantly.


We invite you to: 

The Tribe also plans to plan an opportunity for interested parties to engage in a facilitated training session conducted by our team later this year.