Important Notice

Applications for benefits from new members can only be accepted once the enrollment process is complete and you have received  your official notice of enrollment.Prior to this you will not appear on the service list as eligible to receive benefits.

Education Benefits

The Snoqualmie Tribe’s Education Department supports Tribal Member life-long learning, from cradle to elder.

Jarrod Da, Education Director
Jerry Warren, Education Assistant

Education Department
P: 425.888.6551 ext. 1119
F: 206.600.6487

Effective immediately: The submission deadline for weekly applications will be moved  to 5PM on Wednesdays for the Education, Housing, and General Resources Department.  Applications received by the Wednesday deadline will be processed for a check on the following Friday. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through an increase in volume of applications. (This deadline change does not affect the monthly GW Consolidated Assistance distributions)

Graduation Regalia

This form is open to all Snoqualmie Tribal Members and Snoqualmie Tribal Minors graduating high school, completing an Adult Vocational Training, completing their GED, or completing a college or higher education degree(s) in Spring 2024* and Summer 2024.

*A separate form will be available for Winter 2024 graduates at a later time.


Early Education (Pre-Kindergarten) (Updated 10/1/2023)

Ensure children receive essential development and learning support. Contact us for information and resources, or for assistance in enrolling in early learning programs such as Head Start.

Update 8/24/2020: Homeschooling now eligible type of schooling and up to $7,500 of the benefit can be used towards supplies and curriculum.


Adult Learning

Support for adults and elders continuing to learn and grow academically.

For the purposes of this program tuition costs can only be issued via direct Vendor pay. No check advances or reimbursements.


K-12 Education (Updated 10/1/2023)

Support and advocacy at schools including attendance at Individualized Education Programs and disciplinary meetings.

Update 8/24/2020: Kindergarten is now eligible for homeschooling and updates have been made to homeschooling allowances for ease of access.


Higher Education

Assistance and support for those attending higher education courses, including financial aid advice and resources.

8/24/2023 NEW:  Education will now be able to cover housing, healthcare fees, and meal plans only for students who live on campus for students who opt into this.

For students who opt in to use Education to pay their housing, healthcare, and meal plans they will be eligible to apply for GW Consolidated On Campus which will provide them a monthly issuance of $750 to use towards communication bills, off campus food, and hygiene products.

Students who live off campus need to continue to use their monthly GW Consolidated assistance program to pay their own expenses in the above categories.

For the purposes of this program tuition costs can only be issued via direct Vendor pay. No check advances or reimbursements.


  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (External website) – A reminder that the Tribe is the payor of last resort for tuition after any federal aid that does not require repayment (eg. Pell grants, school scholarships, etc.). Please ensure you fill out the FASFA on a annual basis and provide a copy of your student aid package to the education process with your application.
  • Higher Education Benefit Application (PDF) – Updated 08/24/2023 – For enrolled members and minor biological children of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe. The Education Department will now provide funding through this benefit for eligible students in Running Start programs.
CCDF - Early Learning Program

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe CCDF Certificate/Voucher program is currently full, the Tribe is accepting WAITLIST applications at this time.

The Tribe’s CCDF program can cover costs associated with the following:

  • Early Learning tuition-State Licensed Center/Program/School must be under Kindergarten grade level
  • Before & After School Care or Summer Camps/Care-Licensed Facility, licensed family/group home, or in home care by a relative provider

To qualify the applicant must:

  • The applicant and child must reside in King, Snohomish, or Pierce county;
  • The minor for which serves are being rendered must be: enrolled or a direct descendant of an enrolled member of a U.S. Federally recognized tribe;
  • Minor be under the age of 13; and
  • Must reapply every 16 months and utilize a provider that meets the criteria below.

To qualify the provider/school/program must:

  • Be a state licensed child care or early learning program Must be willing to accept 3rd party payments by the Tribe, this program does not allow for reimbursements;
  • Must be willing to provide invoices and/or timesheet;
  • Payment can be issued monthly or quarterly; but cannot be issued as a yearly lump sum.

Benefit Forms/Documents:



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