General Welfare Consolidated Assistance

The Tribal Council has approved consolidation of the following monthly assistance programs: Housing, Healthcare, Food, and Elders. This change will be effective for the monthly distribution taking place on January 20, 2020. In order to continue to receive any of the above listed benefits Tribal Members must apply using the new consolidated application by January 6, 2020.


To be eligible for the Consolidated Assistance benefit, you must be an Enrolled Adult Snoqualmie Tribal Member.


General Welfare Assistance for Minors Not in a Tribal Househould

The purpose of the components of this Program is to provide for the needs of dependents as defined by the Tribe’s General Welfare Policy and to provide services that promote the general welfare of the Tribe. This Program is intended to affirm the Tribe’s inherent sovereign rights to promote the general welfare of the Tribe and provide qualifying assistance and program benefits on a tax- free basis. For each service eligible dependent who meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in the application, assistance can be provided in the areas of housing and food/clothing under this program.


General Welfare Assistance for Incarcerated Tribal Members NEW

To be eligible for this assistance you must be:

  • An enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member; and
  • Currently be serving a convicted sentence of more than sixty (60) days in prison or jail



Richard Bonifant
425-888-6551 ext. 1013