Constitutional Amendment Committee (CAC)

Committee Members:

  • Carolyn Lubenau, Chairperson
  • Whitney Zambrano, Secretary
  • Christine Jacobs, Committee Member
  • Toni Johnson, Committee Member
  • Brittany Moses, Committee Member

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Constitution of the Snoqualmie Tribe of Indians

We, the Indians of the Snoqualmie Tribe, being the direct descendants of the signatories of the Governor Steven’s Point Elliott Treaty of 1855, for the purpose of securing the rights and powers inherent in our sovereign status and guaranteed to us by the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855, structuring our Tribal government, governing our Tribal people, securing our aboriginal rights and privileges, preserving our culture and traditions, fostering justice and freedom, and advancing our mutual welfare, do hereby approve and adopt this constitution.

Download the Snoqualmie Tribe Constitution (PDF)


Upcoming Event

Tuesday June 18, 2024 at 7PM – 9PM the CAC is hosting a Zoom Meeting to gather feedback on the Constitution. Please email the Committee with your full name and enrollment number to receive the Zoom Invitation.