The following Tribal Members will receive tickets for the Climate Pledge Arena event series. Tribal members will receive 2 tickets for an event, but parking passes are not available.

Please remember that the Climate Pledge Arena is using digital tickets at this time. An e-mail address is required to receive tickets and a smart phone is needed on game day to display your tickets when entering.

Note that fans will be required to show proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Following state and local guidelines, they are also requiring fans to wear masks while attending games. The mandates apply to all attendees age 12 and over.

October 19 – Foo Fighters @ 7 PM

Nicole Heming
Jamie Shaffer
Dawn Wyatt
Anthony Heming
George Stortz

October 22 – Coldplay @ 6 PM

Nicole Harris
Aron De Los Angeles
Jennifer Wyatt
Troy Wyatt

October 30 – Eric Church @ 8 PM

Teanna Applebee-Ramirez
Serena Barber
Rebecca Wadhams
Donald Watters
Clayton Burley

November 3 – Andrea Bocelli @ 7:30 PM

Lorraine Carpenter
Mary Woods-Calkins

November 5 – Eagles @ 7 PM

Sandy Mattingly
Robert (Bob) de los Angeles
Willamae Losey
Bonnie Walker-Eddy
Joseph Forgue
Debra Mathis
Barbara Holloway
Mark Eddy

November 7 – Evanescence and Halestorm @ 7:30 PM

Autumn Liner-Sanders
Thomas Zackuse
Shauna Shipp-Martinez

November 26 – Trevor Noah @ 8 PM

Dauna Rogers
Erik Martinez
Michael Ross
Virginia Tarver
Jennifer Ransome

November 27 – Trans Siberian Orchestra @ 3:30 PM

Amber Holloway

November 27 – Trans Siberian Orchestra @ 8 PM

Amanda Wickenhagen
Johnathan Barker
Ashley MacDonald
Angela Wymer

December 4 – Battle in Seattle (Basketball): Gonzaga v. Alabama @ 3 PM

Donald Sotelo
Jordan Ventura
Ronnie Enick
Kristi Enick
Kanium Ventura
Marcus Enick
Travis Adams