The following Tribal Members will receive tickets to March and April Concerts at Climate Pledge Arena. Tickets will be distributed electronically.

A reminder that food and beverages are not provided for these events. Masks must be worn in the suites at all time unless actively eating or drinking.

Ticket recipients will receive email links to their tickets. If you are unable to attend your event please email at your earliest convenience.

The Climate Pledge recently updated their COVID-19 policy for event attendance. Attendance is no longer limited to those with proof of vaccination. At this time, Tribal Members can also attend with proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the event.

Ticket recipients should review the “Plan Your Visit” flyer to understand how to claim their tickets, how to sign up for the digital vaccine passport, and how to access the parking lot for game day.

Please read:

ShaunaShipp-Martinez03/01/2022 8:00PM Bad Bunny
ErikMartinez03/01/2022 8:00PM Bad Bunny
BriannaMartínez03/01/2022 8:00PM Bad Bunny
DanielGabel03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
NicoleHarris03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
JamieShaffer03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
NicoleHeming03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
TaraMaxwell03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
VirginiaTarver03/07/2022 7:00PM Imagine Dragons
LonzellMaddock03/22/2022 7:30PM John Mayer
MaryBurley03/22/2022 7:30PM John Mayer
JoleneWilliams03/24/2022 7:00PM Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
SuzanneSailto03/24/2022 7:00PM Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
RonEnick03/24/2022 7:00PM Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
AshleyMacDonald03/24/2022 7:00PM Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
AmberHolloway03/24/2022 7:00PM Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
MelissaStand03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
JenniferRansome03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
LorraineAukschun03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
ANGELAWYMER03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
MarcusEnick03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
VyondaBlank03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
Robertde los Angeles03/25/2022 7:30PM Billie Eilish
AronDe Los Angeles03/31/2022 7:30PM Dua Lipa
JodiSanchez03/31/2022 7:30PM Dua Lipa
TravisAdams04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator
JalenWood04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator
JantzenWood04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator
LukeEarl04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator
TroyWyatt04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator
ChrisCastleberry04/08/2022 7:00PM Tyler The Creator