Tribal Service Housing/Tribal Service Down Payment

Tribal Service Housing

To qualify for Snoqualmie Tribal Housing Assistance Benefit, recipients must be an enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member, 18 years of age or older, and Head of Household. Only one Head of Household per residence is eligible to receive the benefit.

Applications must be submitted by the 10th of the month to ensure delivery the following month. Recipients must re-apply and be re-certified each year.

If the mailing address being used is a PO Box, a bi-yearly residency check will be required.

Because this benefit will come from the Tribe’s General Fund, and the Tribe has adopted a General Welfare policy, the Housing Assistance Program is not subject to state or federal taxes.

Monthly checks will be made to the Head of Household only. Checks will not be eligible for direct deposit, mail forwarding, and will not be held for pick up at the Tribal Office.

Housing Assistance may only be used towards any of the following:

  • Rent/mortgage payments;
  • Water & sewer bills;
  • Electrical bills;
  • Gas bills;
  • Heat Source Supplies (firewood, propane, pellets, etc.);
  • Garbage bills;
  • Communications services such as phone, internet, and cable.

*If you are a college/university students who lives on-campus please look at the program requirements and funding available on our On-Campus Student Housing Application below.

Tribal Service Down Payment

Down Payment Assistance is available in the amount of $10,000. This is a one-time only benefit to be used on the purchase of a standard or mobile home that will serve as the tribal member’s primary residency. The Down Payment Assistance can be used towards:

  1. Down payment and costs to close.
  2. If the house purchase does not close for any reason, the Tribal Member must return the Down Payment Assistance payment in full to the Tribe within 30 days of the payment’s issuance.




Major Home Repair NEW

To be eligible to receive this benefit, you must be: An adult enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member 18 years of age or older; the homeowner of the residence where the repair will take place; and occupying that home more than 51% of the year as their principal residence.

Major Home Repair Assistance is available up to $10,000 per Tribal Member, once every 5 years. No carryover from previous cycles and no drawing/borrowing from future cycles is allowed. The funding does not have to be accessed in a single transaction, but if the receipt or invoice submitted for an eligible request is less than the available benefit amount, only the documented amount will be issued.

Eligible expenses must be for home repairs that address at least one of the following:

  • Water, sewage, or sanitation issues;
  • Household plumbing and septic systems (including updating/enhancing);
  • Water heaters (including updating/enhancing);
  • Mold remediation;
  • Electrical issues;
  • HVAC system or similar equipment and systems (including repairs and enhancements);
  • Roof repair or replacement; or
  • Accessibility improvements to the home (including wheelchair ramps, hand railings, or grab bars).


Paul Moran or Angelina Holverstott
425.888.6551 ext. 4010 or 3011