Tribal Service Housing/Tribal Service Down Payment

Tribal Service Housing UPDATED

To be eligible for the housing assistance benefit, you must be: An enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal member with Eligible Expenses (see list below), which must be for your Principal Residence (the home you physically occupy the majority of the time (i.e., 51% or more of the calendar year),

Housing Assistance is available in the amount of up to $1,700 per month, depending on a Tribal Member’s Eligible Expenses, based on a fiscal year (October 1- September 30). If a Tribal Member has less than $1700 per month in Eligible Expenses, the Tribal Member should request Housing Assistance of no more than their Eligible Expenses The Housing Assistance can only be used towards the following Eligible Expenses:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Water, sewer and garbage bills
  • Gas and electrical bills
  • Heat Source Supplies (firewood, propane, pellets, etc.)
  • Communications services such as phone, internet, and cable.

It is the Tribal Member’s responsibility to maintain all receipts, proof of payment, and other documentation necessary to demonstrate that the Tribal Member has used the housing assistance benefit for the intended Eligible Expenses. To ensure that the benefit is used for Eligible Expenses, the Tribe reserves the right to request proof of Principal Residence and/or payment of Eligible Expenses at any time.



Tribal Service Down Payment

Down Payment Assistance is available in the amount of $10,000. This is a one-time only benefit to be used on the purchase of a standard or mobile home that will serve as the tribal member’s primary residency. The Down Payment Assistance can be used towards:

  1. Down payment and costs to close.
  2. If the house purchase does not close for any reason, the Tribal Member must return the Down Payment Assistance payment in full to the Tribe within 30 days of the payment’s issuance.




Home Repair & Improvement Assistance NEW

To be eligible to receive this benefit, you must be: An adult enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member 18 years of age or older; the homeowner of the residence where the repair will take place; and occupying that home more than 51% of the year as their principal residence.

The following are ineligible to receive the Benefit: 1 - Tribal Members who rent but do not own their home, 2 - Households with a minor Snoqualmie Indian child, without an Adult Tribal Member. 3 -  Secondary homes, such as vacation homes or rental/investment properties.

This Program provides a benefit to adult Tribal Member homeowners in the area of home repairs and improvements, up to $10,000 per eligible Tribal Member every three (3) years.


Paul Moran or Angelina Holverstott
425.888.6551 ext. 4010 or 3011