The Snoqualmie Tribe's Education Department supports Tribal Member life-long learning, from cradle to elder, including the following resources:

2021 Back-to-School Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Benefit NEW

The PPE Benefit was developed to help families with the costs associated with returning to in-person school and meeting new guidelines for health and safety as it pertains to PPE. This benefit is intended for Snoqualmie Tribal Members attending school, eligible Snoqualmie Tribal Minors, and eligible Snoqualmie descendants currently enrolled in school. To qualify for a check; a complete application with supporting documents must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2021.


2021 Mid-Year Clothing & Supplies Benefit 

The Snoqualmie Tribal Council recognizes the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on the education system and our students. With that mind the Tribal Council made the decision to distribute the Mid-Year Clothing Benefit for students as a general distribution this year, in place of an application process, with the hopes of not further burdening students or parents with additional paperwork. 

This program is now open to aged out minors who are still in high school and on track to graduate as well as Higher Education/AVT Scholarship recipients. To receive the $175.00 please submit your application by March 31, 2021.

Early Education (Pre-Kindergarten) 
Ensure children receive essential development and learning support. Contact us for information and resources, or for assistance in enrolling in early learning programs such as Head Start.

Homeschooling now eligible type of schooling and up to $7,500 of the benefit can be used towards supplies and curriculum. 


CCDF - Early Learning Program
The Tribe’s CCDF program can cover costs associated with the following:

  1. Early Learning tuition-State Licensed Center/Program/School must be under Kindergarten grade level
  2. Before & After School Care or Summer Camps/Care-Licensed Facility, licensed family/group home, or in home care by a relative provider

To qualify the applicant must:

  1. The applicant and child must reside in King, Snohomish, or Pierce county;
  2. The minor for which serves are being rendered must be: enrolled or a direct descendant of an enrolled member of a U.S. Federally recognized tribe;
  3. Minor be under the age of 13; and
  4. Must reapply every 16 months and utilize a provider that meets the criteria below.

To qualify the provider/school/program must:

  1. Be a state licensed child care or early learning program Must be willing to accept 3rd party payments by the Tribe, this program does not allow for reimbursements;
  2. Must be willing to provide invoices and/or timesheet;
  3. Payment can be issued monthly or quarterly; but cannot be issued as a yearly lump sum.

K-12 Education
Support and advocacy at schools including attendance at Individualized Education Programs and disciplinary meetings.


Higher Education
Assistance and support for those attending higher education courses, including financial aid advice and resources.


Adult Learning
Support for adults and elders continuing to learn and grow academically.


Higher Education and AVT Laptop Program
New this year: Higher Education/AVT laptop program. The Tribe will be distributing brand new Dell laptops with wireless mouse and Microsoft Office. To be eligible you must be an adult enrolled Tribal Member enrolled in classes at an accredited college or university or accredited formal certificate program. You must maintain enrollment and earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Eligible students may receive one laptop package every four years with the requirement that they must complete the degree they were enrolled in at time of request in order to apply for a new laptop after the four year period. Students living within 35 miles of the Tribe must pick up their equipment from office or assign a designated pick up person. Students outside of 35 miles can request shipment at their own risk, shipments will require a signature upon delivery. Students that utilize this program are not eligible for the Surplus Computer Program. This program is NOT available to scholarship recipients.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance NEW
The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe provides a one-time benefit up to $25,000 USD (Twenty-five Thousand and 00/100 U.S. Dollars) for student loan repayment assistance to adult eligible Tribal Members (18 or over) to be used towards a single transaction/lump sum payment on an outstanding student loans for tuition, the degree for which has been completed. The student loan repayment assistance benefit will be mailed directly to the lender.

Please review all the details of the program on the application prior to applying.


Jarrod Da, Education Director
Jerry Warren, Education Assistant

Education Department
P: 425.888.6551 ext. 1119
F: 206.600.6487