The Snoqualmie Tribe's Education Department supports Tribal Member life-long learning, from cradle to elder, including the following resources:

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Early Education (Pre-Kindergarten) 
Ensure children receive essential development and learning support. Contact us for information and resources, or for assistance in enrolling in early learning programs such as Head Start.


K-12 Education
Support and advocacy at schools including attendance at Individualized Education Programs and disciplinary meetings.


GED Program
Assistance for Tribal Members earning their GEDs.


Higher Education
Assistance and support for those attending higher education courses, including financial aid advice and resources.


Adult Learning
Support for adults and elders continuing to learn and grow academically.


Jarrod Da, Education Director
Julia Osbekoff, Education Assistant
Meileyani Carlton, Education Assistant


Education Department
P: 425.888.6551 ext. 1119
F: 206.600.6487