Tribal Services Housing Assistance Program

April 14, 2016


Dear Snoqualmie Tribal Members,

The Tribal Council is pleased to introduce a new tax-free housing program for Snoqualmie Tribal Members under the General Welfare Plan. The Tribal Council has been working diligently to create a new Tribal Services Housing Assistance Program since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines were released regarding Tribal General Welfare Plans in October of 2015.

The Tribal Council strives to support Tribal families with this new Tribal Services Housing Assistance Program, which affirms the Tribe’s inherent sovereign right to promote the general welfare of the Tribal Membership. Through this program, the Tribal Council aims to ensure that no Snoqualmie Tribal Member is without basic fundamental necessities of life.

The new program provides $1,000 (one thousand dollars) per month for housing assistance to adult (18 years and older) Enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Members   to be used towards housing and utilities. While the new Housing Assistance Program will not completely fund all of the housing needs of Snoqualmie Tribal Members, the program is designed to lessen the burden of living expenses in your everyday lives.

Extensive due diligence was very important in the process of creating this program; the Tribal Council has ensured that the Tribe can financially support this new housing program, while moving forward with the new gas station/convenience store and the casino expansion.

The Housing Assistance Program is a service we proudly offer on behalf of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s inherent sovereign right to promote the general welfare of our members.


The Details

To qualify for Snoqualmie Tribal Housing Assistance Benefit, recipients must be an enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member, 18 years of age or older, and Head of Household. Only one Head of Household per residence is eligible to receive the benefit.

The first Housing Assistance payments will be made to Tribal Members for the month of June 2016. In order to receive this benefit for June, qualified Members must submit their applications by Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Applications must be submitted by the 10th of the month to ensure delivery the following month. Recipients must re-apply and be re-certified each year.

Because this benefit will come from the Tribe’s General Fund, and the Tribe has adopted a General Welfare policy, the Housing Assistance Program is not subject to state or federal taxes.

Monthly checks will be made to the Head of Household only. Checks will not be eligible for direct deposit, mail forwarding, and will not be held for pick up at the Tribal Office.

Housing Assistance may only be used towards any of the following:

  • Rent/mortgage payments;
  • Water & sewer bills;
  • Electrical bills;
  • Gas bills;
  • Heat Source Supplies (firewood, propane, pellets, etc.);
  • Garbage bills;
  • Communications services such as phone, internet, and cable.


How to Apply

To apply for the Snoqualmie Tribal Housing Assistance Benefit, a qualified Head of Household must provide the following to the Snoqualmie Tribal Serves Department via mail, email, fax or hand delivery:

Completed Housing Assistance Application: Tribal Services Housing Assistance Application

  • Proof of residency must be at least one of the following: lease, mortgage statement, electricity, gas, sewer, water or garbage bill with service address and in the name of the Tribal Member;
  • Completed W-9 Form from the IRS (online at;
  • Proof of a physical address or housing information (P.O. Boxes will be considered on a case-by-case basis).


Completed applications may be mailed, emailed, faxed or hand delivered to:

Snoqualmie Tribal Services Department
P.O. Box 969
9571 Ethan Wade Way
Snoqualmie, WA  98065
Fax: (206) 202-4535

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Tribal Services Department, Lonzell Maddock, at 425-888-6551 extension #1107 or email

Again, we are very excited to share this important news with you. We strongly believe that no member of our Tribe should ever struggle to keep up with the basic costs of living, and we are honored to serve on your behalf to make this important benefit a reality.



Snoqualmie Tribal Council