Ticket Winners for Seattle Sounders FC MLS Cup Match

The following Tribal Members have each recieved two tickets for the Sunday, November 10 MLS Cup finals match vs. Toronto FC. Game time is currently noon on Sunday.

Applebee-Ramirez, Teanna
Barstow, Bruce
Burley, Mary
Campos, Regina
Donyes, Kelly
Fyler, Doris
McDonald, Ashley
McGovern, Kathryn
Morisset, Karen
Noonan, Earl
Phillips, Lakota
Phillips, Percy
Sanders, Alan
Sanders, Brandon
Sanders, Jeremy
White, Pierre
Wood, Jantzen

Tickets can be picked up at Tribal Administration or received via e-mail.  If you need tickets to be picked up on your behalf please notify TCR@snoqualmietribe.us