Seahawks Postseason Ticket Winners

Please remember that tickets are dependent on the remainder of the Seahawks season. We will know their post season standing on December 29th which will determine if and what playoff game they will participate in and if they will host the game at home. In the event that they do not play in one of the games listed or if it is not a home game no tickets will be distributed.

Tickets for the Wildcard or Divisional Playoff (if at home) will ONLY be available digitally through email. Emails will be sent out no later than January 2nd to each winner using the email address provided on your form.

Tickets for the NFC Championship Game will be available for pick up at the admin office one week prior to the game or can be sent digitally through email. TICKETS CANNOT BE MAILED.

Please remember per the ticket holder policy, tickets cannot be transferred to anyone other than the designated winner. We have an extensive waitlist for both games. If you are unable to attend please notify the office at least 3 days prior to the game if possible so we can ensure tickets get offered to the alternates.

Names in yellow will receive a parking pass
Names in blue indicates alternates on the wait list for that game

Wildcard/Division Playoff

Dan Willoughby
Marvin Kempf
Jeannie Johnson
Carolyn Lubenau
Sean Willoughby
Cindy White
Kathryn Wentland
Jonathan Barker
Jennifer Ransome
Jace Wood
Mary Wood-Calkins
Percy Phillips
Francis de los Angeles
Christie Jacob
Cheryl Mullen
Selena Sweet
Jackie Johnson
Doug de los Angeles

Alternate: Waitlist
Michael Moses
Florence Cohn 
Robert Finkbonner
Kanium T. Ventura
Shauna Shipp-Martinez

NFC Championship Game

Shav'yah Fackrell
Donald Sotelo
Autumn Liner-Sanders
Marquice Guy
Koren Wickenhagen
Edward Barker
Aron de los Angeles
Lonzell Maddock
Amanda Wickenhagen
Jenna Willoughby
Raeann Wahsise
Debra Woeck
Amber Holloway
Shelley Burch
Toby Strotz
Jessie Sanders
Dan Gabel

Alternate: Waitlist
Cody Deane
Jessica Guy
Kristi Enick
Luke Earl
Mark Eddy