RFQ for Financial Management Consultant

In early 2014 the Tribe undertook a successful refinancing effort of the existing debt that stemmed from the opening of the Snoqualmie Casino. As a result of this refinancing and the new debt structure that permits greater downstream transfers to the Tribe, combined with a very favorable interest rate and other terms, the Tribe is on a much firmer financial footing. As the Tribal Council builds a solid foundation for the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and continues to strive to provide better and more effective services to the Tribal membership, comprehensive financial planning is needed. The financial planning will need to take into account short-term and long- term goals, and needs to incorporate the development of a long-term, strategic development plan that creates a defined process and framework for managing financial decisions.


If you are interested in submitting qualifications please view the file at the link below for more information.


Please send all materials to:

Windy (Katie) Epps, Chief Financial Officer

Jake Repin, Tribal Treasurer