RFP for Long Range Transportation Plan

The Snoqualmie Tribe seeks to retain the services of a Transportation Planning Consultant for development of the Tribe’s Long Range Transportation Plan.

The successful respondent will, in accordance with the highest legal, ethical and professional standards, provide at the direction of designated Tribal officials and staff, transportation planning services including but not limited to the following services:

  • Evaluation of a full range of transportation modes and connections between modes, such as highway, rail, air, and water, to meet Tribal transportation needs.
  • Trip generation studies, including determination of traffic generators due to land use.
  • Social and economic development planning to identify transportation improvements or needs to accommodate existing and proposed land use in a safe and economical fashion.
  • Measures that address health and safety concerns relating to transportation improvements.
  • A review of the existing and proposed transportation system to identify the relationships between transportation and the environment.
  • Cultural preservation planning to identify important issues and to develop a transportation plan that is sensitive to tribal cultural preservation.
  • Scenic byway and tourism plans.
  • Measures that address energy conservation considerations.
  • A prioritized list of short- and long-term transportation needs.
  • An analysis of funding options and alternatives to implement plan recommendations.

This list of services is intended as a general guide, and is not intended to be a complete list of all work necessary to provide the requested Services. The successful respondent will have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise to serve the unique needs of the Tribe.

Please submit an electronic version of the respondent’s proposal (a single PDF file is strongly preferred) no later than noon Pacific Standard Time on April 5, 2019 to:

Shauna Shipp-Martinez
Tribal Operations
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

Email: shauna.sm@snoqualmietribe.us

Shauna Shipp-Martinez will serve as the sole contact for the review process for the respondent’s proposal. Any and all questions and communications regarding this RFP should be addressed to Shauna Shipp-Martinez through email at the above address. Any attempt to communicate with other Tribal officials or employees about this RFP may result in the disqualification of a respondent’s proposal.

Download the full RFP in PDF Format Here