Lower Snoqualmie Falls Park Closure Notice from PSE

Notice from Puget Sound Energy:


The Lower Snoqualmie Falls Park will be closed during the week on the following dates September 25th, September 28th – October 2nd and October 5th & 6th facilitate Boardwalk Replacement Construction activities. The lower park will be open on the weekends. This will include the Trail and River access at the lower park.  PSE will post signs next week indicating the pending closure at the lower park and park trail access points. 


·         The contractor will be mobilizing a 300 ton crane in the powerhouse parking lot to lift in new material and remove the old. 

·         It is not safe to have public in the area during the crane mobilization, lifts and material transport.

·         Semi-trucks will be delivering materials and use the limited parking area to turn around.

·         Materials will be transferred to/from forklifts to the crane at the river access point.

·         Material will be transported up and down the access road during this period.