General Welfare Health Care Assistance Program

The General Welfare Health Care Assistance Program provides up to $800 per adult Tribal Member per month to purchase and cover the cost of healthcare insurance (medical, dental and vision) for themselves and their dependants, as well as cover other eligible medical and wellness expenses.

Any amount less than $800 must be requested by the Applicant on the Health Care Benefit Change Form at time of application or annual recertification.

In addition to at the time of application, Applicants may submit the Health Care Benefit Change Form once per year, but only if the justification for change is due to a qualifying life event (i.e. loss of job, addition of dependent, marriage, significant medical procedure).

Please note that this benefit is administered by the General Resources Department, please direct all questions to the contact information below and NOT to Health & Wellness or CHS.


  • To qualify for this benefit you must be an adult enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member.
  • You must complete the application below and within 90 days of first monthly benefit, provide proof of health insurance coverage.




Richard Bonifant
425.888.6551 ext. 1013