FAQ: Trip in Support of Standing Rock Souix Tribe

We have recieved questions from Tribal Members regarding the Snoqualmie Tribe trip to North Dakota in support of the Standing Rock Souix Tribe. We will consolidate those questions and answers in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post.

  1. Will we be driving straight through to Standing Rock? 
    Our plan is to drive straight through (18-20 hours) but we will be flexible to the needs of our passengers if breaks are needed during the journey.
  2. How much room is on the bus/shuttle?
    There is room for 15 total passengers.
  3. What time will we be leaving the tribe?
    We will meet at Tribal Admin at 6 AM and depart at 8 AM on Monday, September 19.
  4. What time will we be back?
    We plan to return on Friday, September 23 but the exact time has not been determined.


If you have questions about the trip as described in our earlier news story, please send them via e-mail to pr@snoqualmietribe.us