Application Processing & Mariners Tickets During Tribal Admin Closure

The only applications being processed this week due to the closure are July Food Assistance and any submissions that are considered Emergencies in nature. The housing department will pledge all utility bills. Education will process any tuition payments that have a due date this week.
All other submissions will not be processed until next week.
If you won Mariners tickets and were not able to pick them up from the office they will be available on site at the game. Please contact Lonzell Maddock at 425-988-3677      to pick up your tickets at the game.
If any benefit based emergencies arise during the closure please reach out to Lonzell Maddock at  425-988-3677    or Audrey Castleberry at 425-200-8266.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
The Community Services Staff