Environmental and Natural Resources

Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) works to enhance, protect, and preserve the environment of the Snoqualmie reservation and traditional Tribal lands through habitat and water quality improvement projects, waste reduction and recycling, energy conservation, and education. ENR works with multiple local and regional partners to address environmental issues important to the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe. Some of our ongoing projects include:

Habitat Restoration

Regular planting, noxious weed removal, and trail building. Restoration of traditional ecological knowledge by planting species used by the Snoqualmie people for harvests and medicines since time immemorial.

Water Quality

Keeping waterways clean is important for fish and our own health. ENR has sites on and off the reservation that are monitored for general health and microbes that can be toxic to humans. Information is available on how to prevent pollution from entering waterways. Projects such as the bio swales in the casino employee parking lot and the ENR rain garden exemplify solutions to stormwater runoff.

Kimball Creek Water Quality Improvement Project 

Solid Waste and Recycling

ENR addresses issues of recycling and composting and offers recycling events for large household items. 


Cindy Spiry | Environmental and Natural Resources Director | cindy@snoqualmietribe.us | 425.292.3734

David Steiner | Restoration Program Manager | david@snoqualmietribe.us | 425.292.3786

Matt Baerwalde | Water Quality Manager | mattb@snoqualmietribe.us | 425.363.2008

Heather Minnella | GIS Coordinator | heather@snoqualmietribe.us | 425.363.2011

Alex Harwell | Outreach Coordinator | alex.harwell@snoqualmietribe.us | 425.229.2120
Eric Davies | Restoration Technician | eric@snoqualmietribe.us

Jason Mullen | Restoration Technician | jmullen@snoqualmietribe.us